3.0 Release out now!


CMS article editor; allows modification to the article page CSS and or (njk) template that is published to the web (Flax).

The editor is accessible from the CMS>Article template page, make code changes are required and click ‘Publish’. There is currently no preview, this will be considered for a future iteration.

Author proofing workflow is now supported. This allows editors the ability to assign an author to participate in a round of author proofing.

The steps that constitute a round of author proofing;

  1. Editor assigns an author to a round of proofing from the Control panel>Teams page
  2. Author receives an email notification with a link to the feedback form / alternatively the author can access the feedback form a link on their Dashboard>My submissions
  3. Author is able to add Comments and ‘Suggested’ (track changes) in the Production editor and can also submit a feedback form
  4. Editor receives an email notification that author feedback has been submitted
  5. Editor can access the feedback from the control panel (read only)

Only the most recent author feedback is captured in the feedback form. A record of authors assigned to participate in a round of proofing is captured in the Control panel>Teams page per version.

Author view;

Editor view;

Group Manager/Admin users can enable/disable Author-proofing workflow from Configuration>Control panel>‘Allow authors to participate in proofreading rounds’. The ‘Author proofing invitation’ and ‘Author proofing submitted’ email notification templates can be edited from the Settings>Emails page.

Form builder overhaul; to improve usability. Form and field settings are now accessible via a pop-up modal. You can also easily select from a list of standard form fields;

  • Text
  • Rich text
  • Dropdown selection
  • Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • List of contributors
  • List of links (URLs)

Special form field types have also been added to account for functionality that was previously not as intuitive, and required some manual configuration;

  • Title
  • Authors
  • Abstract
  • Attachment
  • Image attachment
  • DOI (suffix)
  • Custom status
  • Last edit date

Finally, you’ll notice the form field type names have been updated to make to more descriptive and self-explanatory.

Add a new field;

Example of a special field settings;

Review page UI overhaul; to replace the long-scroll layout with a tabbed view of the Metadata, Manuscript, Review and Other (shared) Reviews pages.

A login page logo and browser Favicon can now be added per group from the Configuration>Group identity section. Note that only png and gif image file types are supported.

Instance archetype names have been updated. A migration script will automatically update all environment file variables; ‘aperture’ is now; journal ‘colab’ is now; prc ‘elife’ is now; preprint1 ‘ncrc’ is now; preprint2

You can read more about preconfigured workflows here.

Download manuscript metadata as a json file. Group Managers can select/bulk-select manuscripts from the manuscripts page, click on ‘Action’ to archive or download the selected manuscript/s metadata.

Group Managers can select a status from the Manuscripts page when using the Custom status form field type. Click on the status and see a list of options as per the ‘Custom status’ field in the submission form - so there’s no need to navigate to the Control panel and update the value on the Metadata page (submission form).

Hide publishing content; Group Manager can set Flax to a ‘private/draft mode’ by selecting the checkbox on the CMS>Layout page and clicking ‘Publish’. If this field is checked, then the Flax URL (including the snippet) is displayed - use this link to share your publishing endpoint data privately.

Bug fixes;

  • Fix for uploading large docx files and conversion via XSweet
  • PDF download from the Production editor is working again
  • The Manuscript page>View link now displays the manuscript content
  • Security fix that restricts non-reviewers from accessing the Review page, non-authors from accessing the Submit page and non-editors from accessing the Decision page
  • CMS>Pages editor fix that prevented images from being inserted into new pages
  • Fix for a group import query preventing duplicate imports ArXiv
  • Support that allows clients to override translations
  • Fix for an issue that prevented the saving of Editor role assignments from the Control panel
  • Updated Wax to 0.9.3, which supports paragraph-level track changes to be captured
  • We are now using a server-side cache to reduce the number of DB queries - for more detail see the issue
  • Fix the confirmation display of DOIs on the Control panel>Decision>Publish action

Next release;

  • Further improvements to website navigation
  • We have refactored some foundational code in 3.0 that paves the way for forthcoming advanced CMS features and multiple submission forms. Many of these features will be available in the soon to be released 3.1 and following releases


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