Clarifications on usage of Kotahi

  1. If port number 4000 is already used by another process, we tried to change the port number to 4001 in .env file. But the ORCID validation is sending failure response and unable to access Kotahi dashboard. Please guide us on this on how to change the port number for Kotahi.

  2. Is ORCID registration mandatory for any Author to use Kotahi?

  3. We are facing inconsistencies while we are uploading any manuscript. First time the manuscript is getting uploaded, and we can do the processes in Kotahi. Second time when we upload the same manuscript by renaming it, we are getting an error message stating, “Cannot read properties of null”. Please help us on this on how to solve this issue.

  4. How should the exceptions been guided to the end user? What kind of actions expected from Authors/Users if there are any exceptions. Please guide us on the list of knows exceptions and how can this be handled if it is integrated with some other system.

  5. How should we handle any errors in the application? i.e., the Author is trying to upload a manuscript but receiving an error. How the logs generated for these exceptions and how do we access it?

  6. How should we integrate with our workflow system?

  7. How will we handle upload of duplicate manuscripts.

  8. Author uploads the manuscript and assigns it to an Editor for further process. After Editor submits, the Author decides to reject the manuscript. Will the editor be notified on this.

  9. In the above case, if the Author reuploads the rejected manuscript again, how will this be handled.

  10. Is there any automation to start the docker, if there is any server restart or should we start the docker manually.

  11. If the file is archived from Kotahi, how long will the file be available to download. Is there any option to restore the archived manuscript?

  12. We see that the CSS file is not getting rendered correctly while loading the manuscript. How should we handle this.

  13. Will there be any difference in the way different manuscripts are rendered i.e., difference in the structure/styling of the manuscript.

hi @rammahesh welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Could you please make one issue in the forum per item. I would recommend too that you do not start with 13 questions. Just start with one or two. I will close and lock this topic so you can start it again! Many thanks!