Creating linkages between citations and references

How can one create a link between the citations in the text to the actual reference in the reference list? The original document is a word document, and here the links all work. However, once I import - even though the in text citations show that there is a hyperlink, they do not actually work.

Currently, the links are not retained on conversion. @dbvisel or @christos may be able to shed light on the work required to implement this.

Hi! The problem you’re running into isn’t specifically reference-related: Kotahi doesn’t support internal links in a document, and those get stripped out on import. This could certainly be added, though we’d need a UI to make it work.

I think in your case, what would be a better solution is a dedicated tool to insert references to a citation in text – this could be automatically formatted according to the citation style guide you’re using, and it would let you pick the citation from a list of the citation in your documents. This more semantic style of linking would be less likely to break, which is a risk with generic intradocument links.

Could this dedicated tool you mention be a possible development item for future releases as I am sure others would like to have this ability as well.

hi @LLBremer - we can adapt the ingest to preserve the links, we can also make an internal tool for inserting references. I think the former, in your case, is quicker and it is a matter of time before this is addressed. We can also do things like this on commission if you wish to see it sooner.

Just curious - but what would doing something like this on commission cost?

We could spec this out for you if you are interested @LLBremer - I’m not sure of the cost until we discuss it with the devs. Let me know and we’ll look into it if you are interested.

How about we briefly discuss this when we meet to go over the next release?

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