Custom login instead of ORCID

We want to go with our own login. But I want to make sure that if we don’t use ORCID, we don’t break any part regarding CrossRef control or something.

We would then add an ORCID field for the author form, so it is properly identified both in the frontend and in the metadata for indexing

Hi @proal, data captured in the submission, review and/or decision forms is sourced to register a DOI. Currently, author information will be included as captured in the submission.$authorsfield.

Hi @adam please, apart from using an orchid ID, is there any other login option to kotahi?

You can use passport.js I believe to do this. @yannis I believe can tell you more.

Alright thanks. @yannis kindly explain further.

hi @elizabeth.tordzro, so this is the info given to our developer:

As it stands, you’d need to fork the project to add more login options, which is not recommended, as it could lead to code conflicts with changes the kotahi team does.

We will be updating our libraries in the near future, which will add some goodies that will make an email login much easier.

We can maybe discuss implementation after that is done? This could either be planned and done directly by the kotahi team, or you could make a direct contribution to the project then? At the very least, implementation will be much easier if you wait a bit.