Default manuscript editing mode

Can you make the possibility that in the manuscript view, we can select “suggestions” as the default mode, instead of editing?

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we could do that in settings. it would require some dev work but its not tricky

could you give us a date?

I don’t believe it is on the current roadmap, either you should make the change and make a commit, or we can discuss commissioning the change.

@proal Kotahi operates on a collaborative model where numerous organizations develop features tailored to their specific needs, with Coko Foundation providing facilitation. If you’re interested in adding a new feature, there are several paths you can take: you can wait for one of these organizations, equipped with developers or a development budget, to prioritize your desired feature on the roadmap; you can directly contribute the change yourself by adhering to our established process; or you can engage us directly to implement the change on your behalf (on commission).

This is great to know, let me comment with my team, perhaps they’re interested in commissioning some features and or developing from our own.

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