Flax Site in Production

How I do configure flax site to work in production?
How do I get an ID and a secret , how about graphql I have been getting this url: ‘http://publisha.ren.africa/graphql
Any help and suggestion will be grately appreciated.

@john.kopanas might be able to provide some assistance.

Hi @Sefakor ,
Please check here :

I think this is what you looking for.

oh random, thank you. I was looking for a way to generate it like I did for Pagedjs and xsweet. Thanks again

Flax site URL redirects to the Kotahi main page, my understanding is that the flax site url is the publishing website, but it redirects to kotahi main login page. Explanations will be helpful, thank you.

The URL on the Settings>CMS>Layout>Status>URL links to your Kotahi login page?

@ryan.dix Yes, it redirects there.
as an example WACREN - open journals

I might be doing something wrong.
Kotahi and Flax runs on the same machine, so both DNS point to the same IP.

This FAQ section on configuring groups may provide some helpful context; FAQ.md · main · kotahi / Kotahi · GitLab