Implementing a content search in a decoupled frontend

@ryan.dix so, we are going with a decoupled frontend build in Next.js, in which we want to have a search bar. Could you give us gidence on how to retrieve the info from Kotahi. We need not only to retrieve the article, but to redirect to our frontend page.

@yannis is currently finishing work up to separate client and server; refactor(*): separate client and server (!1115) · Merge requests · kotahi / Kotahi · GitLab

There are a few days of more work and testing involved. Perhaps you should wait for this to be merged before you investigate this route further.

I’m not shure if I expressed correctly. It’s a search bar for the the magazine readers, so they search, and the search engine gives the results which have to point to the article URL in our frontend.

@ryan.dix maybe it’s better if our frontend developer talks directly with you. How can we add him in discourse?

Ok, noted. The developer can create a Discourse account, and navigate to; to participate.