Inconsistency during file upload

We are facing inconsistencies while we are uploading any manuscript. First time the manuscript is getting uploaded, and we can do the processes in Kotahi. Second time when we upload the same manuscript by renaming it, we are getting an error message stating, “Cannot read properties of null”. Please help us on this on how to solve this issue.

Hi @rammahesh, just to confirm that you’re renaming a docx file before uploading?

I followed these steps;

  1. I uploaded a docx
  2. changed the file name on my desktop and
  3. re-uploaded the manuscript without any issues

I did not encounter an error. I’m wondering if this is related to content in the files e.g. images/formulas. Perhaps you can share your test file?

@ryan.dix: Yes, i renamed the file and then reuploaded it. For example, i uploaded 1.docx initially and it got uploaded successfully. I renamed it to 1-test.docx and tried to upload again. I received an error stating “Cannot read properties of null”. The contents of the word file are the same.

You may need to share your error logs for us to diagnose further. Thanks.

Can you please guide me to find where the log files will be available.

Hi @rammahesh, error logs are contained in two places;

  1. Browser errors are viewed by pressing F12 and selecting the “Console” tab.
  2. Server errors can only be viewed by logging into the server’s command-line, navigating to the kotahi folder and typing docker-compose logs. This will give logs for the server container and any other containers that were started by the same docker-compose. If the logs are long, you can obtain part of the logs by typing e.g. docker-compose logs | head -n 2000 | tail -n 1000 (shows the last 1000 lines of the first 2000 logs).