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What’s the role of CrossRef? Is it a must? Can we publish without it, or will we get ostracized?
As we want to have a magazine issue, with its articles, how does pagination work for CrossRef, meaning, researchers will only be able to quote the individual article or as part of an specific magazine number?

It depends on your workflow and what component (output) you wish to register a DOI for. For example, you can register a DOI with Crossref for articles, preprints, peer-reviews, review summaries and data.

If a Researcher is referencing an article, usually the DOI points to the latest version of the manuscript. You can point to a URI, where you user may be able to select a version.

For example; an issue number can be captured as a part of the submission metadata and included in the XML markup when registering the DOI with Crossref. A DOI can be registered when an editor clicks on the publish action in Kotahi.

Does this answer your question somewhat?

Kind of,
does Kotahi has automated Means to deposit DOIs?

Could you give me more detailed documentation of how your crossref integration works in Kotahi? Is it like OJS?

Hi @proal, yes it is automated - DOI can be registered on the publish action. Here’s the file used to deposit XML required to register a DOI with Crossref; server/publishing/crossref/index.js · b739f721c72634b8e47ba9256061dcbad14c3258 · kotahi / Kotahi · GitLab