ORCID failing at login

forwarded from elizabeth - :slight_smile: Hello everyone, Can you pls help on the issue below: I have successfully set up kotahi production on the server using the “docker-compose.production.yml”, but when l login with the orcid Id, it fails(the site can’t be reached). Please assist me on this. Thanks.

Did ou solve this @elizabeth.tordzro ? If not i’ll ping one of the kotahi devs to answer here

@elizabeth.tordzro do you have any more information about the error? @alexgeorg may be able to assist you.

Sorry, it was resolved. Thanks


Hi @all l have a challenge here and would be glad if anyone can be of help to me. I tried to login to kotahi using orchid and l get this pop up message “{“message”:“Bad client credentials”}” . What could be the issue pls. Thanks