Reviewer notes disappear

There’s a BIG BUG, reviewers make a note on the manuscript view. But the author can’t see the notes, the notes disapear!! This is a huge Bug!

Hi @proal are you referring to this issue; Reviewers can see but cannot use the comment tool in Wax (#1249) · Issues · kotahi / Kotahi · GitLab or something else, where the data from a submitted Reveiw form is missing?

Yes is the one you say. Do you have a bug-
fix date?

Just a reminder about community protocol. Please do not short (use caps) and alarmist language in these pages. Also, when reporting an issue please provide as much detail. If Ryan, or anyone, has to ask clarifying questions then that is a sure indicator that you have not supplied enough information. Make your questions as detailed as possible, including logs of possible or screenshots if a UI issue.

I’ve edited the title to remove caps.

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